London meeting, August 7th, 6pm (for 6.30pm)

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Tue Jun 25 22:15:56 BST 2002

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Hi all,

	Where: London, 300 yards from Tottenham Court Road Tube
	When:  Wednesday 7th August, 6pm (for 6.30pm) until 9ish

OK, we have a meeting venue organised, now all we need is a meeting.

	6.00pm	Arrive, drinks
	6.30pm	Roundtable discussion
	7.30pm	Presentations
	9.00pm	Finish

One aim of this meeting is to open up greater dialogue between the
FreeBSD people and the non-FreeBSD people.=20

By this I mean... a FreeBSD person is someone like me, or any of the
other committers and developers.  They work on FreeBSD for its own sake,
because it's a (to them) cool technology, and the opportunity to work on
it is reward enough.  The non-FreeBSD people are all the FreeBSD users
who use it without necessarily giving much regard to the technology, or
the open source development process.  They want it to work, and they're
in the perfect position to point out to FreeBSD people all the 'lumpy'
bits of the FreeBSD experience that the FreeBSD people have become blind

Another aim is to give people a chance to talk about things that they've
been working on recently, and to introduce topics that aren't perhaps as
well understood by the wider FreeBSD user base as they should be.

And, of course, it should be a fun opportunity to get together, put
names to faces, and see what people have been up to for the past few

So we'll start with an opportunity for the non-FreeBSD people and the
FreeBSD people to talk.  Hopefully this will give both groups greater
insight in to one another's mindset, and help round off a few of=20
FreeBSD's rough edges in the process.

After a refreshment/rest room break, we'll move on to the presentations. =
These will be 5-20 minutes long, on a variety of subjects, depending on
who volunteers to speak.

After that. . . refresh your thirst, and then we can head out for a meal
(or whatever) as necessary.

*Non-FreeBSD people* -- you are explicitly invited.  We want your
feedback.  You can always head off to the nearest pub after the
roundtable bit :-)

*FreeBSD people* -- please bring along your non-FreeBSD colleagues so we
can open up the dialogue as much as possible.  And consider volunteering
to stand up and talk about something you think will be interesting.  The
venue has all the presentation kit we could need.


 . If you've got questions, please post 'em here and I'll answer them
   on the list.

 . If you will be attending, please contact me off list
   (nik at to let me know -- we don't need to hit the list
   with dozens of "I'll be there" messages :-)

 . If you've got something you want to talk about, mail me off list.
   I'll collate all the talk 'titles', and send a summary back to the
   list in a week or so.

Please let me know ASAP if you're planning on attending -- the reason I
haven't explicitly said which venue this'll be at yet is because it
depends on numbers, and I'd like to have a fair idea by the end of the

Basically, if by Friday there are < 30 signed up, it's venue #1 (and the
hard limit on attendees will be about 40).  If there are more than 30
by Friday then it'll be venue #2.

This will be a 'ticket only' evening -- the venues don't want people
turning up at their offices without a ticket.  If you confirm your
attendence with me you'll receive a printed ticket through the post by
the end of July.  Tickets will not be available on the door.

So make sure you send me an e-mail to let me know you're coming :-)

FreeBSD: The Power to Serve               (__)
FreeBSD Documentation Project    \\\'',)
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