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alex dyas adyas at
Wed Jun 26 10:45:24 BST 2002

The Maxclients directive will limit the number of Apache children the 
parent will spawn, which is the same as limiting the number of 
concurrent requests being serviced.

However, redirecting clients who make requests after this limit is 
reached is a separate matter.  A redirect will need to be serviced as a 
normal request, which in turn will require an apache child, which you 
don't have.  Sort of vicious circle.

One solution to this may be introducing a load balancer.  The LB could 
be configured to send traffic to the main server A until it can't take 
any more.  Subsequent hits to the load balancer are sent to the second 
web server, on which you keep the "Busy, please come back later" page.

Of course if you put a load balancer in, you also have the option of 
adding more servers to accomodate the load.



Rob Garbutt wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a small freebsd server running apache and bind 9.  Its getting hit
> hard today owing to the launch of a new site, how could I restrict the
> number on concurrent users, and redirect users that subsequently couldn't
> get on, to a page saying server is busy, please come back in 5 mins etc..?
> tia!
> Robin Garbutt

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