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Paul Richards paul at
Sun Jun 23 00:10:53 BST 2002

On Sat, 2002-06-22 at 23:59, Brian Somers wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 23:09:49 +0100, Lee wrote:
> > Hi Mark,
> >=20
> > Thanks absolutly right.  The root account is set to /bin/csh and the no=
> > user was using /bin/sh.
> >=20
> > What I have done now is set the default shell for the system, root & no=
> > user to bash, but now I am still left with the problem of the =A3 sign =
> > working from the console or in vi.  When typing in "ee" the pound sign =
> > fine.
> [.....]
> Don't set root's shell to bash unless bash is statically linked and is on
> the root filesystem.  If you do, single user mode will cause some confusi=
> (ldd should say that /bin/bash is not a dynamic executable).
> If you want a bourne shell for root, use /bin/sh (and add "set -o emacs" =
> /root/.profile and /.profile).

A trick I've been using for about 10 years now is to have 2 root
accounts. One is "out of the box" so it works when you're in trouble and
can't get passed single user. The other is setup with my shell of
choice, zsh and a home dir on the my main home partition so I can work
as root in a friendlier environment.

Since FreeBSD already ships with 2 root accounts, just leave toor as it
is, but setup a passwd for it, then you can change the 'root' user to
anyway you want. When you crash down to single user remember that toor
is available as a fallback login.

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