Automatically Switching of the PC when running "halt -p"

Terry terry at
Fri Jun 21 22:53:32 BST 2002

Quoting Lee <lee at>:

> I was hoping to leave re-compiling a new kernel to I was a little more
> experienced with BSD, but this is a feature I very much need for a project
> I
> am working on, so I guess I will have to give it a go.

Thanks to the FreeBSD Handbook and the two kernel configuration files GENERIC 
(all the basic functionality) and LINT (every single feature that you may need 
that's supported by the kernel), compiling a FreeBSD kernel is very easy even 
for a newbie.
All you need is to invest half an hour to read:

I'd wish you good luck but it's actually just a matter of reading the above 
carefully ~8D


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