mount Linux on FBSD

j.conrado at j.conrado at
Fri Jun 14 09:56:27 BST 2002

I can mount Linux on FBSD but I can do nothing with it a simple =27ls=27 =
on =

the directory and it crashes=2C I=27ll appreciate some hints about this =

question=2C commands=2C fstab=2C parts of the configure kernel=2C mount p=
oints=2C =

dmesg=2C it happens if I want mount a virtual disk on vn too=2C I have =

followed the instructions of the mini-HOWTO Linux+FreeBSD and in Linux =

I can mount and work with FBSD=2E I have no room and I=27m linking a lot=2C=

fonts of TeTeX and things like this=2E My kindest regards Ximo
P=2ES last year I was the number 20001500=2C now I don=27 know=2E

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