AMD K6-2 450 mhz

Roger Hardiman roger at
Tue Jun 11 08:27:37 BST 2002

Paul wrote

>When the machine boots, take a note of the stepping number. Also, if you
>can take a look at the CPU, what's the code on it?

>The K6-2 was not a reliable CPU, depending on which version of the chip
>you have it might be complete trash. AMD screwed up some versions so
>badly that the only solution was for them to replace them on demand.

>I've got a K6-2 that's junk since FreeBSD *always* dies unpredictably
>with it.

I've got several of K6, K6-2 and even a K6-3 machines running FreeBSD.

Early K6 models have a problem with the cache and are unstable
if you fit more than 64 Meg of RAM.
(I have this CPU myself) 64 Meg or less and you are fine.
Actually, there is a software workarond and a linux patch to malloc
which actually fixed this.

I'm not aware of any K6-2 or K6-3 problems.


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