Command History & Keyboard Setup

Mark Blackman mark at
Thu Jun 20 22:34:22 BST 2002

sounds like it might be different shell behaviour. Which shells
are being used (for root and normal user)?

> Hello,
> I have just installed my first FreeBSD system, 4.6 release.  I hope that =
> someone will be able to help me with a couple of strange problems.
> I use a standard PS/2 UK keyboard, when logging in as root the =A3 sign =
> does not work it simply beeps, even though it does when logged in as a =
> normal user.  I am using UK Codepage 850. =20
> Also when I am logged in as a normal user I am unable to use the up / =
> down cursor keys to navigate the command history, even though this does =
> work when logged in as root.
> Perhaps these 2 problems are just quirks of FreeBSD, I used to use Linux =
> where I had neither of these problems.
> Has anyone else experienced this problem, or just possibly has some =
> ideas on how to resolve the problem.
> Thanks in advance for any help anyone offers.
> Lee.

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