Rejected mail hosts

Aled Morris aledm at
Tue Jun 18 14:10:17 BST 2002

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Tim Wiser wrote:

>Pretty sure that they're not rejected because of that.  We are currently on
>dialup ISDN and are using the BT SMTP server as a smarthost until we get
>onto an ISP that offers static IP.

Apologies for the blatent advert, but we offer static IP addresses with
our no-subscription 0845 dial, if that's any use to you.  Analogue and
ISDN supported, with multilink of course.  Just drop me an email.

If you want a free-of-call-charges type service, I think you're pretty
much limited to Demon (in conjunction BT SurfTime.)

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