Rejected mail hosts

Tim Wiser timw at
Tue Jun 18 13:53:06 BST 2002

> this could be someone outside your network trying to use your mail server
> a
> relay. be sure that your FreeBSD server isn't an open sendmail relay as
> someone
> could effectively clog up your server with relay jink mail and/or spam

Pretty sure that they're not rejected because of that.  We are currently on
dialup ISDN and are using the BT SMTP server as a smarthost until we get
onto an ISP that offers static IP.

Having said that, the logs from last night say:

Checking for rejected mail hosts:

...and one from the other day:

Unless someone is portscanning IP addresses belonging to BT and finding
addresses with port 25 opened up....?  I think I've locked down the server
to not relay messages.

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