Rejected mail hosts

David Richards DavidR at
Tue Jun 18 13:44:58 BST 2002

do a google search for mail relay test. it is on

it will do a ton of tests for a given host to find out if it is a open


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this could be someone outside your network trying to use your mail server as
relay. be sure that your FreeBSD server isn't an open sendmail relay as
could effectively clog up your server with relay jink mail and/or spam

Hope this helps

Talbot Neil
IT Consultant

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Subject: Rejected mail hosts

> Hi,
> In my daily logs I'm getting the occasional domain listed under the
> "Checking for rejected mail hosts" section.  I suspect that this is due to
> the way that our Exchange box is forwarding email onto the BSD server, but
> I'm curious as to why this might happen for other reasons.  Could anyone
> shed some light on this matter?
> TIA,
> Tim.
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