mount Linux on fbsd

j.conrado at j.conrado at
Mon Jun 17 08:54:21 BST 2002

Well=2C as I said I can mount Linux on FBSD but I can do nothing with the=

mount=2C also if I mount a virtual media disk made in Linux=2C the system=

crahes and restart by itself=2C I have 3 OS=27s on my machine w98=2C linu=
x =

and fbsd=2C from both unixes I can do things or linkings with w98=2C from=

Linux I can mount fbsd and do linkings with fbsd=2E At first I thought =

that tis situation was due that when I installed Linux for sparing a =

primary partition of my HD I=27ve installed linux as a extended one and =

the swap of linux as logical=2C if it is wrong is due that I=27m writting=

this from a public library and I can not access nor mouse=2C nor floppy=2C=

and my brain is old and I suffer from loss of memory or maybe =

dislexia=2Cwell it seems that the kernel option =22EXT2FS=22 is not enoug=
h=2C I =

me like to know how to resolve this=2C some hints about fstab=2C commands=
=2C =

kernel option=27s=2C dmesg=2C and mount points can help me and I think th=
at a =

lot of people that like me are in this situation=2C my owns are i a =

floppy that i can not use sorry=2E A little help please Mary Shelley=27s =

lost child=2E =3A)

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