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Sun Jun 16 23:33:00 BST 2002

On Sat, 15 Jun 2002 12:13:40 +0100
Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at> wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 02:55:49AM +0100, jimf wrote:
> > All steps in previous correspondence worked a treat. However, when I
> > try to start the program it always complains about not being able to
> > find the sofficerc file.  This file _does_ exist in the directory
> > /compat/linux/home/jimf/office52/user (linux fs) but nothing gets
> > installed to /home/jimf (freebsd fs)
> Good.  You're 99% of the way there.
> I'm not entirely sure about the problem you're seeing now.  All I can
> say is to note that you need to do a `user install' under your own
> user id, as well as the `network install' done as root.  That should
> create ~jimf/soffice52 and so forth.
> You should have been instructed to do the user install during the
> installation process - /usr/ports/editors/staroffice52/pkg-message.
> If you've done that, then I'm guessing that somehow the linux-compat
> layer is leading you astray.  Linux compat works (in part) by silently
> pre-pending `/compat/linux' to the path of any file it needs to open,
> then falling back to the original path if that fails. Somehow because
> of that, it's not creating the files in your home directory, but under
> /compat/linux.
> Try this --- no promises that it will work:
>   % cd /compat/linux/home/jimf
>   % tar -cf - office52 | ( cd ~jimf ; tar -xvf - )
>   % mv office52 office52.back

No joy I'm afraid, but that little gem goes straight in my notebook! Succeeded in backing up source directory and transferring it to /home/jimf with the 'offending' sofficerc file. StarOffice is still complaining its not there.

Decided to do a little dissection of the setup.log and came across this,


OK  copy  /compat/linux/usr/local/office52/share/kde/mimelnk/text/html.kdelnk, /home/jimf/.kde/share/mimelnk/text/html.kdelnk, 5/8/00, 5:20:00 AM, 644, FSysError = 0
ERR make shortcut /compat/linux/usr/local/office52/program/setup to /home/jimf/office52/setup
ERR make shortcut /compat/linux/usr/local/office52/program/soffice to /home/jimf/office52/soffice
OK  set profile item: /home/jimf/office52/user/config/servicesrc, SsServers, URL_Pattern, /*?serverui*



Everything else is flagged Ok except those two lines.

Out of interest heres a reply from

"Well, weirdness here too. On my box at home StarOffice runs just fine without a sofficerc file. On my box at work there is a sofficerc file in office52/user/ in my home directory. That file would be of no use to you as it merely contains all my default startup options for StarOffice (as you might expect). You could just #touch office52/user/sofficerc and then fire up StarOffice - see if that makes a difference. 

 One major difference I did was to compile StarOffice from source, not from ports and I did make install user as root also. When I fired it up for myself the first time I was met with the new user screen which then asked for my default settings etc. The main difference between my install at work and the one at home is the fact that my home version doesn't crash, whilst my work version on occasion can be rather temperamental"

still learning
not a bad weekend
kindest regards


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