Advent 7003 and FreeBSD

Thorwald Peeters klingongoat at
Fri Jun 14 13:36:10 BST 2002


I've recently bought version 4.5  on DVD, and have since then attempted
twice to install it on my Advent 7003 laptop (with SmartCard reader, which I 
think might be important).

Every time I attempted, I first remove the network cards suggested to me by 
the kernel setup, and the PC-card.

After that I get a dialog box advising me there is a PC-card in my systen, 
and if I want to install from there. I see two buttons which give me the 
choice, but they actually do not. The focus is on the YES button, but I 
cannot shift it to the NO button, nor can I acknowledge by pressing 

Does this mean FreeBSD is not to be installed on this laptop, or are there 
ways to do it nonetheless (short from buying a new version)?

Thorwald Peeters

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