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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Thu Jun 13 23:57:50 BST 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:31:16PM +0100, jimf wrote:
> 1)where is the star office package?
> I have access to the school cable modem and could download the
> package if I could find it and burn it to CD.

You used to be able to grab the Linux version of StarOffice 5.2 from
Sun's web site for free, but that's apparently no longer available,
since StarOffice 6.0 has been released.  StarOffice 6.0 is not
available for free except to Educational users.

Your choices are to pay Sun $75.00 for a CD, find an old copy of Star
Office 5.2 somewhere on the net or try and install OpenOffice which is
essentially a code fork based on StarOffice 5.1a, and available under
more liberal terms.

A quick google (
) turned up copies of StarOffice 5.2 available for download at or amongst others.  If this is the
way you want to go, grab the so-5_2-ga-bin-linux-en.bin file and copy
it to /usr/ports/distfiles via your School cable modem, then use the
port to install the app.  While you're about burning yourself some
CDs, don't forget to grab Sun patch 109939-03.tar.Z from as you'll need that too.

As of about one week ago OpenOffice can be installed as a native
FreeBSD application from source on 4-STABLE, but it's a huge package
and by all accounts a pig to compile (ie. don't bother unless you've
got a hunky machine with lots of memory and you know what you're
doing).  I think the latest fixes were too late for the 4.6-RELEASE
package set, so your best bet is to keep an eye on a FreeBSD ftp
server near to you and wait for a pkg to become available.


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