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jimf jimf at
Thu Jun 13 22:31:16 BST 2002

Hi all,
In the six or so months I've been getting to know freebsd I have managed to,

Set up the operating system
Configure ppp, nfs, dns, samba, apache, ipfilter and cvsup.

It's been a steep learning curve which involved buying the freebsd handbook and the complete freebsd (both are highly reccommended, I know the resources are all available on the net, but I like to have the text to read!) but I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The problem I'm having is Installing Star Office. I have a 56k connection to the internet through ntl which effectively rules out using the ports to make and install.(ntl cuts off after two hours regardless)

I have linux support enabled and 
have linprocfs mounted. 
#mount -t linprocfs /proc /usr/compat/linux/proc

All info I can find seems to vary.

1)where is the star office package?
I have access to the school cable modem and could download the package if I could find it and burn it to cd.

2)can anybody direct me to some installation resources/instructions?(yes I've RTFM, handbook-chpt 20, linux binary compatibility p519 to p546, still feel slightly out of my depth here.)

3)any thoughts on alternative installation methods?

Help is greatly appreciated.


jimf at

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