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alex dyas adyas at
Thu Jun 13 09:04:58 BST 2002

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 10:49:33AM +0100, Mark Stewart wrote:
>>I was wondering if anyone had written or use some kind of parser
>>program that reads the emailed output report and warns you of any
>>problems. (e.g. Hard disk is filling up etc). I would like the
>>emailed reports from all my machines to go to a specific address,
>>the reports are then read by said program that creates a nice report
>>flagging errors if there are any)
>>This would save me reading the reports all the time and help out
>>support center diagnose faults without having any real technical
> Hmmm... The daily e-mails are really designed for human consumption.
> Plus they only appear once a day.  If your requirement is to monitor
> use of system resources and so forth, then try something like Big
> Brother --- --- which gives you an at-a-glance web
> .... 
> Another cool bit of monitoring software is MRTG --
> and it's in ports.
 > ....

For system wide monitoring you may also want to look at Netsaint :

More Network oriented, but can easily be configured to monitor machine 


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