AMD K6-2 450 mhz

Dimitris Dimitris
Tue Jun 11 02:45:08 BST 2002

On 10 Jun 2002 23:53:17 +0100, Paul Richards wrote:

>The K6-2 was not a reliable CPU, depending on which version of the chip
>you have it might be complete trash. AMD screwed up some versions so
>badly that the only solution was for them to replace them on demand.
>I've got a K6-2 that's junk since FreeBSD *always* dies unpredictably
>with it.

Indeed that is true.

Also, some early K6's did not have important hardware features,
like write combining.

Although i've got two of them, one K6 350 and a K6-2 450, and both
have been working reliably without any problems for many years.

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