Netstat question

Peter McGarvey pmcgarvey at
Thu Jun 6 14:05:12 BST 2002

When I do a 'netstat -i' I get output similar to this:

Name Mtu  Network       Address            Ipkts Ierrs    Opkts Oerrs Coll 
fxp2 1500 <Link#4>    00:03:47:71:21:e7   199780     0   244283     0   87
fxp2 1500 network-3   gw-3                  4355     -   103968     -    -

But I'm not quite sure what this means.

I'm thinking the first line is ethernet traffic, and the second is IP 
traffic, and the first includes the second.  Is this correct?

And, what's likely to be causing such a massive differance?


Peter McGarvey
System Administrator
Network Operations, VIA Networks UK

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