PPTP/ICQ/MS messenger via NAT

Jrgen Haraldsson kernalx69 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 4 11:50:23 BST 2002

Hi All

I have a problem with NAT.
I know that only one PPTP connection can be connected at one time through 
the NAT.
But i need to have many connection at one time.

Question is how ?
If i make one redirection to a own public ip in natd.conf to every client 
would that work ?
And can i do the same thing if i have many vpn servers in the internal net.

Icq and messenger works fine if you don't use filetransfer or chat.
But if i want to make this work can i do the same thing with this clients.
I have heard that if i use socks it will work but i don't know what free 
socks software i should use.

I would be very happy if someone could help me with a solution to this 
problems because i can't find any answer on the internet.

I use freebsd 4.5 and i am going to use it as a firewall between internet 
and a wireless network with about 100 users.

Thanks in advance.

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