Intel PRO/100S (82250 EY Based) NIC on FreeBSD

Mark Hughes mh_lists at
Sun Jun 2 19:54:27 BST 2002

>>OK, thanks. Anyone got any ideas as to why one of these cards wouldn't be
>>detected on boot up by FreeBSD? (could be bios reasons is the only thing I
>>can think of). Any way of checking the connected devices to the pci bus,
>>whether there's a driver for them or not?

> Some suggestions...

> 1) BIOS hasn't assigned any resources to the card because PnP OS is

aaaaaah.... that's certainly one to check - thanks. I'm not sure what I left
that set to. Does freebsd not configure the cards if pnp aware OS is on

> 2) The card is dead. Have you tried to use it on another computer with
> other operating system?

Nope - not had the chance as the system is colocated at the moment - we'll
be going to visit it next week so will check these things then.

> 3) The Kernel hasn't got the required modules compiled in it. Try the
> kernel, it should work.

Assuming the card uses the same fxp driver, then that's definately enabled
in the kernel as there is also an on-board intel network adaptor on the
motherboard which does work with that driver.

Thanks Dimitris, John for your suggestions. We'll try them out next week and
hopefully it'll work out. Will let the list know how it goes for the record.


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