Intel PRO/100S (82250 EY Based) NIC on FreeBSD

Dimitris Dimitris
Sat Jun 1 22:50:50 BST 2002

On Sat, 1 Jun 2002 19:35:26 +0100, Mark Hughes wrote:

>OK, thanks. Anyone got any ideas as to why one of these cards wouldn't =
>detected on boot up by FreeBSD? (could be bios reasons is the only thin=
g I
>can think of). Any way of checking the connected devices to the pci bus=
>whether there's a driver for them or not?

Some suggestions...

1) BIOS hasn't assigned any resources to the card because PnP OS is enab=

2) The card is dead. Have you tried to use it on another computer with s=
other operating system?

3) The Kernel hasn't got the required modules compiled in it. Try the Ge=
kernel, it should work.

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