install headache

David Foulis dbfpyro at
Tue Jan 29 03:07:13 GMT 2002

Have you done the partitioning correctly, eg / 100MB, swap ~65MB, /var 50
MB,/usr (the rest) 
or the basic set up for drivers etc (? ad is an IDE , not scsii I think)
have you set it so that all the standard "7-conflicts" vanish.
The first error is that it can't use the swap space ? is that set

Hope you manage to get it worked out, I just started about 3 months age with
freebsd and consider it much better than the other unix's it just takes a
little timre to get used to then one has a much better direct control of the
system. I just have the freebsd as firewall/gateway and one set of windows and
the rest bsd on the ethernet.
Everything works really well.
The size of the HD you have is just right for a small set up without x. I
cant see any other reasons for it not working than the simple ones I mentioned
Goog luck. Dave

David B. Foulis
dbfpyro at

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