install headache

Mark Blackman mark at
Mon Jan 28 10:21:55 GMT 2002

Sounds like a bizarre device configuration problem and the interrupts are 
wrong. Keep in mind that Compaqs are generally awkward because they
insist on doing things the Compaq way. There may or may not be a PNP
BIOS issue.

I'd recommend getting the device configuration (especially the
interrupt) from Linux and comparing that to what FreeBSD thinks.

Those are the only things I can suggest. Generally, Compaqs are so
annoying that I try to avoid them.

- Mark

p.s. whats with the CIBRE business at the bottom of your e-mail?
perhaps you replied to a recent spam on the list?

> I am trying to install 4.4 on a Compaq Deskpro 4000 (P166) with a 825 mb disk as
> pri. master, and a ATAPI CD as pri. slave.  Everything goes well until 
> "Writing Partition Information", when i get a lot of
> ad0: WRITE command timeout tag=0 serv=0 - resetting
> then the installer returns
> WARNING! Unable to swap to /dev/ad0s1b: Device not configured
> This may cause the instralltion to fail at some point
> if you don't have a lot of memory
> (i press enter)
> Unable to make new root filesystem on /dev/ad0s1a
> Command returned status 1
> (enter)
> Couldnt make filesystems properly. Aborting.
> I have searched the handbook, faq, mailinglists, and i cant seem to find
> any light at the end of this tunnel.
> I have three of these machines and am just about ready to give up, and use LI
> instead=2E I have installed smoothwall successfully and redhat likes the mach
> ines
> to=2E This is last chance saloon, I have spent a month trying to sort this ou
> t in
> what little spare time I get, maybe I am better off keeping my hand-in a litt
> le
> linux :(

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