Does anyone have any experience with FreeBSD and DVD drives

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Subject: Does anyone have any experience with FreeBSD and DVD drives

> I've decided on a little upgrade to the audio side of my machine. One of
> the things
> I want is a cdrom or dvd with digital audio out and fast digital audio
> extraction,
> mainly so that I can more easily record minidisks.
> With my old 8x cdrom I used to be able to extract audio at single speed
> (less with
> jitter correction) but this doesn't seem to work anymore. I also read
> somewhere
> that it's digital out turns off when it isn't playing a track, which can
> lead to minidisks
> missing the first second or so when playing starts.
> Now that cheap DVD players can be bought for ~50 pounds they seem a
> reasonable option. But I'm not sure how much use a DVD would be with
> FreeBSD (4.4 Release).
> What kind of  experience do any of you have with DVD drives?

I've recently put a Pioneer DVD-106S (internal ATAPI) drive in my machine,
after reading a number of glowing reviews of it.  Cost about £60 -- a bit
more than a no-name unit but probably worth it for something with a quality

Only used it as a CD-ROM drive so far, but it's handled that flawlessly.
Audio extraction speed from a normal CD is around 8-10x.  Not entirely sure
what cdda2wav is doing in the jitter correction department, though.  The
drive has analogue and digital audio outputs.

Oh, and the slot loading mechanism is quite cool :-)

FreeBSD Services are (hopefully) going to be producing DVD versions of
future FreeBSD releases, so there's a good reason to have one... no doubt
more software will start to appear on DVD with time.

Can't really help with the video playback question, as I haven't tried that
yet.  I would have thought that a Celeron 900 would have no difficulty with
DVD playback, though.  Some ATI cards have TV-out, which I believe can be
coaxed into working on FreeBSD.  Again, that's secondhand information.

There wouldn't seem to be much reason not to get one, if you need to upgrade
the CD-ROM anyway, unless you'll *never* want/need to read anything from a



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