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David Foulis dbfpyro at
Mon Jan 21 18:56:56 GMT 2002

I've only got a couple of pentium (~120), 1 bsd firewall (headless), 1 bsd
with x, 1 windows 98.
I won have anything faster till spring and I find mozilla on x far too slow
so I wanted to use opera.
I also don't want to always use Explorer on win98 or always lynx(text) on
bsd (even although it's
faster for downloading)
I used opera on linux before I moved to bsd and it was fine, but now when I
use the ports collection
I manage to get the whole thing done but when I run opera it wants to find
"" which doesn't 
seem to exist. During the installation I did install linux compatabbility (+
the 2 available linux things
on the installation disk).
Also I've searched for similiar "libs" with find / -name "*" and
it finds

Has anyone successfully ported opera? and with what system and installation


dbfpyro at

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