Does anyone have any experience with FreeBSD and DVD drives

tim.borgeaud at tim.borgeaud at
Mon Jan 21 13:06:09 GMT 2002

I've decided on a little upgrade to the audio side of my machine. One of
the things
I want is a cdrom or dvd with digital audio out and fast digital audio
mainly so that I can more easily record minidisks.

With my old 8x cdrom I used to be able to extract audio at single speed
(less with
jitter correction) but this doesn't seem to work anymore. I also read
that it's digital out turns off when it isn't playing a track, which can
lead to minidisks
missing the first second or so when playing starts.

Now that cheap DVD players can be bought for ~50 pounds they seem a
reasonable option. But I'm not sure how much use a DVD would be with
FreeBSD (4.4 Release).

What kind of  experience do any of you have with DVD drives?

Are the cheap drives worth having and what do you get by paying more?
Any recommendations or warings?

What kind of movie playing performance can you get (I have a Celeron 900)
and is there any way to play to a TV set?

What kind of cd audio extraction speed is likely?



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