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On Sunday, January 20, 2002, at 08:22  pm, Josef Karthauser wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 05:21:48PM +0000, Cog wrote:
>> Is that not the way mailing lists are normally run? - I'm surprised 
>> that
>> this list isn't.
>> What are the reasons for keeping posting open?
> Inertia.


>> I don't know about mailman, but majordomo allows an approved posters
>> file to be specified in the config; it's a plain text file with 
>> addition
>> (non subscribed) addresses which are allowed to post to the list. I use
>> it on the list I run for my local LUG, it allows people to send from
>> multiple email accounts (e.g. home and work), but only subscribe with
>> one.
> Yes, it can do that.

worth knowing.

>> If you don't want to got that route; you could try blocking all
>> HTML-ized mail - most spam I get seems to be HTML, and the HTML spam
>> trap I've got cleans up my inbox nicely. You could have HTML mail
>> require approval to get through to the list. Don't know how to do this,
>> tho...
> Got any off the shelve scripts that detect this?  I could hack something
> up, but I've been lazy.

nope, sorry. I just use the filters in to look for content-type 
text/html and then send them to a junk/html folder. Google returns this 

Q. My users hate HTML in their email and for security reasons, I want to 
strip out all MIME attachments. How can I do this?

A. Mailman 2.1 will probably have this feature built-in, but for now you 
can use add-on tools such as demime or stripmime. More information on 
these tools can be found at:


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Stripmime is a perl script which is designed for use with mailing list 
systems. The goal of the program is to take email which has MIME 
formatting and to break it down into simple text email. This prevents 
HTML formatting from messing up your digests, or attachments from being 
sent to the list at all.
Stripmime is installed in your /etc/aliases file before the script that 
handles your mailing list. Here is a sample from one of my lists:

touring: "|/usr/local/bin/|/usr/local/mailman/mail/wrapper 
post touring"

No Perl modules are used. The script should run on any system with 
Perl5. If your perl interpreter isn't located at /usr/bin/perl then the 
first line of the script might need to be changed.
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>>> I don't care much, because I'm receiving similiar spam to most of the
>>> mailing lists that I'm on, so reducing the noice on this list won't 
>>> make
>>> a difference to me.
>> Yeah, but think of the difference it'd make if every list removed the
>> spam. Since moving from broadband to dialup, I've had to unsub from a
>> number of lists because of the spam.
> It would make a wonderful difference, but it's unlikely to happen.
> There is no general is_spam() function unfortunately.

Judging by the other lists I'm on, I could say that generally 
from_subscriber != spam.

But for me, it's not a problem on this list at the moment.

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