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Sun Jan 20 20:22:47 GMT 2002

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On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 05:21:48PM +0000, Cog wrote:
> Is that not the way mailing lists are normally run? - I'm surprised that=
> this list isn't.
> What are the reasons for keeping posting open?


> > I don't mind doing that - it would mean that you much send to the list
> > from the address that you subscribed to, otherwise it will take a little
> > while longer for the post to arrive.  (If I'm on holiday for instance
> > then such postings won't get moderated until I'm back.)
> I don't know about mailman, but majordomo allows an approved posters=20
> file to be specified in the config; it's a plain text file with addition=
> (non subscribed) addresses which are allowed to post to the list. I use=
> it on the list I run for my local LUG, it allows people to send from=20
> multiple email accounts (e.g. home and work), but only subscribe with=20
> one.

Yes, it can do that.
> If you don't want to got that route; you could try blocking all=20
> HTML-ized mail - most spam I get seems to be HTML, and the HTML spam=20
> trap I've got cleans up my inbox nicely. You could have HTML mail=20
> require approval to get through to the list. Don't know how to do this,=
> tho...

Got any off the shelve scripts that detect this?  I could hack something
up, but I've been lazy.
> > I don't care much, because I'm receiving similiar spam to most of the
> > mailing lists that I'm on, so reducing the noice on this list won't make
> > a difference to me.
> Yeah, but think of the difference it'd make if every list removed the=20
> spam. Since moving from broadband to dialup, I've had to unsub from a=20
> number of lists because of the spam.

It would make a wonderful difference, but it's unlikely to happen.
There is no general is_spam() function unfortunately.


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