a few quick kernel upgrading questions.

William Cooper williamcooper at digitalphobia.com
Mon Jan 14 15:00:43 GMT 2002


One thing I've always had problems with is the kernel, compiling or
'installing' a new kernel conf isn=92t any problem so far, but when
upgrading from 4.3-4.4-stable or whatever, I normally have problems on.

So far I cvsup, get all my sources, when I get to all the make
buildworld installblehbleh part I normally run into trouble cause I can
never remember the correct order.

My friend said the process was:

Cd /usr/src
make buildworld=20
make installworld=20
make buildkernel=20
make installkernel=20
cp -R /etc /etc.bak
reboot done

does this look correct to any body?

Any comments/ways to remember the order welcome!


William Cooper

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