CFLAGS option for make

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Thu Jan 10 10:15:58 GMT 2002

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 11:45:40PM +0000, John Murphy wrote:
> I stupidly made a stable world today with the following options
> in /etc/make.conf
> CFLAGS= -0 -pipe
> COPTFLAGS= -0 -pipe
> There were errors that -0 was not recognised but I let the build finish
> and then changed the -0 to -O for the kernel build which is proceeding
> as I type.  Is this likely to work, or should I rebuild the world?

Maybe, maybe not.  :-)

I have a feeling that turning off -O disables the inlining feature of
gcc.  This probably isn't used too much in userland, mostly in the

I would rebuld the world, just to be sure.  So long as it doesn't take
too long (and you can always nice it to be less intrusive).


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