FreeBSD and NTL broad band

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Thu Jan 10 01:22:27 GMT 2002

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> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 11:02:54AM +0000, mark.stewart at
> wrote:
> > Hi, this is a general question, I'm getting NTL broadband put in at
> > home next week and have got three compaq p166, 32 ram, 850 hd.
> >
> > Just wondering if anyone had any interesting configs (or give me
> > prior warning of possible problems?).

I have a basic firewall script you can have; it's pretty configurable
and shouldn't suck too hard.

> > I want to be as secure as
> > possible, was gonna setup a FreeBSD firewall (on one PC), a proxy
> > (on another PC, squid or apache), and maybe buy a big 60

Hm, one PC's not enough? :)

> NTL's comms seems generally good, but outages do occur.

I've had constant 1 minute outages hourly for the past week or so.

> Their administration is lousy.  Promised details, CDs etc never came,
> but I dug the necessary information out of them over the phone.  Once
> set up, the system works.

Their support is pretty crap, but it works well where it counts.

> You'll definitely want the firewall.  At times it is probe city.  Note
> that "provisioning" (initial setup) is done with 10.* addresses.

Oh yes.  Lots of attempts on pretty much anything you can think of, so
it's not a good idea to leave anything exploitable open.

> As another poster has pointed out, you do get a DHCP address.  This
> tends to remain static (mine has only changed once).

Same here, I even run backup MX for some domains :)

> You do need to keep your DHCP client running - if you don't renew /
> refresh the lease it will stop working after about a week.

They seem to have upped the lease timeout to an hour recently, bit

> I've no idea about NTL's mail, news, DNS etc - I don't use them.

Me neither, I use ClaraNews for mail, but funnily enough, ntlworld's
news support is pretty kickass.

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