FreeBSD and NTL broad band

Adrian Wontroba aw1 at
Thu Jan 10 00:34:26 GMT 2002

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 11:02:54AM +0000, mark.stewart at wrote:

> Hi, this is a general question, I'm getting NTL broadband put in at
> home next week and have got three compaq p166, 32 ram, 850 hd.
> Just wondering if anyone had any interesting configs (or give me prior
> warning of possible problems?). I want to be as secure as possible,
> was gonna setup a FreeBSD firewall (on one PC), a proxy (on another
> PC, squid or apache), and maybe buy a big 60

NTL's comms seems generally good, but outages do occur.  I use them for
"bandwidth", but have retained my existing ISP (demon) for mail and
news.  While I've set up my NTLworld account, I've never used it.

Their administration is lousy.  Promised details, CDs etc never came,
but I dug the necessary information out of them over the phone.  Once
set up, the system works.

You'll definitely want the firewall.  At times it is probe city.  Note
that "provisioning" (initial setup) is done with 10.* addresses.

As another poster has pointed out, you do get a DHCP address.  This
tends to remain static (mine has only changed once).  You do need to
keep your DHCP client running - if you don't renew / refresh the lease
it will stop working after about a week.

You'll almost certainly want to run NAT on the firewall too.

I did all this by modifying my existing IPFW setup, adding support for
a second NAT, etc, so I doubt that my setup details are of much use to
you.  I suspect that biting the bullet and learning about IPF, the other
firewall software, might be a better way to go.

I've no idea about NTL's mail, news, DNS etc - I don't use them.

Adrian Wontroba

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