FreeBSD on raq4?

Mark Hughes mh_lists at
Wed Jan 9 22:33:46 GMT 2002

> > Has anyone ever installed (or tried to install) FreeBSD on the Cobalt
> > RaQ4?  (this is the Intel processor version)

Have they started doing an Intel version? I have to say I hated our RaQ
that we used to be on, the processor load absolutely went screaming when
the server was used - load averages topping 80, and averaging about 25, for
days on end at busy periods. Same load on our current (admittedly much
higher spec'd) freebsd box causes a load average of about 0.8. God I love
FreeBSD :D

> > I've inherited one and I'm loath to learn its Linux O/S when all I need
> > an Apache platform.

I can see why, the bastardised version of linux that it runs really is
awful to use.

> Good luck though, I wouldn't mind being proved wrong - they seem quite
> handy (size-wise).

Agreed - I'd like to see it done, but I would concur that it did seem
impossible when we looked into it (albeit not with a huge amount of depth).

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