FreeBSD on raq4?

Jonathan Perkin sketch at
Wed Jan 9 21:23:30 GMT 2002

On Wed Jan 09, 2002 at 09:17:44PM +0000, Aled Morris wrote:

> Has anyone ever installed (or tried to install) FreeBSD on the Cobalt
> RaQ4?  (this is the Intel processor version)
> I've inherited one and I'm loath to learn its Linux O/S when all I need is
> an Apache platform.

Very unlikely.  We've had a couple of these Open Root Kit machines in
the office for the past few days, and it seems they're quite linux
centric - something to do with having a modified lilo in the BIOS.  I
didn't get a chance to play, but a colleague gave up after a while.
Even NetBSD doesn't support them, only the MIPS versions.

Good luck though, I wouldn't mind being proved wrong - they seem quite
handy (size-wise).

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