Another attempt at FreeBSD 4.3

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Wed Jan 9 12:17:56 GMT 2002

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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 07:10:06PM +0000, Peter James wrote:
> I am going to have another attempt at getting to grips with FreeBSD so ca=
> anyone on this list answer a couple of questions.
> 1.  I need an Office Suite.  Will Open Office run if Linux support is=20
> installed?

Don't know about OpenOffice, but the StarOffice 6 beta runs fine.  I
think OpenOffice and StarOffice are related to one another in the same
way that Mozilla and Netscape 6 are.

> 2.  Can I run Pan News Reader?  I am using Agent under Win98, and Pan see=
> to be the closest to Agent.


> 3.  I am using a 40gig HD partitoned into two partitions, one of 30gig fo=
> Win98 and 10gig for FreeBSD.  Is 10 gig big enough or should I shrink the=
> Win partition?  If yes, how?  I can't afford Partition Magic.

Depends on what you want to do.  10G is more than enough for the OS, the
ports tree, the source code, and the complete CVS tree (you'll have
about 8.5G free).

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