FreeBSD and NTL broad band

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Jan 9 11:30:40 GMT 2002

mark.stewart at wrote:

> Hi, this is a general question, I'm getting NTL broadband put in
> at home next week and have got three compaq p166, 32 ram, 850 hd.
> Just wondering if anyone had any interesting configs (or give me
> prior warning of possible problems?). I want to be as secure as
> possible, was gonna setup a FreeBSD firewall (on one PC), a proxy
> (on another PC, squid or apache), and maybe buy a big 60

See <URL:> for my guide on setting up
an OpenBSD NAT gateway with the Blueyonder (TeleWest) cable modem

The concepts should be applicable to NTLs offering.


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