Another attempt at FreeBSD 4.3

Peter James p_f_james at
Tue Jan 8 19:10:06 GMT 2002

I am going to have another attempt at getting to grips with FreeBSD so can 
anyone on this list answer a couple of questions.

1.  I need an Office Suite.  Will Open Office run if Linux support is 
2.  Can I run Pan News Reader?  I am using Agent under Win98, and Pan seems 
to be the closest to Agent.
3.  I am using a 40gig HD partitoned into two partitions, one of 30gig for 
Win98 and 10gig for FreeBSD.  Is 10 gig big enough or should I shrink the 
Win partition?  If yes, how?  I can't afford Partition Magic.
Many thanks

Peter James
please reply to: pfjames at

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