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Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Fri Jan 4 11:40:17 GMT 2002

On 3 Jan 2002 at 18:11, fengqiao wrote:

> hi, experienced FreeBsd users
> i just installed Freebsd throught internet( i used 3com's 10 mbps Lan pc card with xjack connector, by the way i am in Lancaster the university) and it was sucessful. For the more, i also have installed x server and KDE.
> However, i got no idear how to use Netcape to connect to internet  even  i have consulted the HandBook. Could anyone give me some ideas or source links?Another thing, how do i start the grahpical interface?

If you have installed KDE you can use the browser that ships with it 
"konqueor"   Netscape can be down loaded from the ports collection  
/usr/ports/www/netscape47-navigator.  Having done a make on it just 
rightclick the desktop and enter netscape in the run command you 
can if you wish add it to the apps bar but for things to do with the 
configuration of KDE I suggest you subscribe to the KDE mailing list  

-- Kevin O'Connor 
Ziptek Technologies Ltd.

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