ppp and cvsup - some progress

CB ecliptica.ww at virgin.net
Thu Jan 3 18:19:46 GMT 2002

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Hi - many thanks to Paul Robinson and John Rochester for most helpful =
advice on getting ppp working.

Following your advice I started from scratch using a clean copy of the =
ppp.conf sample and managed to get connected OK; initially to the number =
Paul suggested using uid & pw "fbsduktest". With that working OK, I =
found I could substitute the phone number, uid & pw I use for Virgin and =
connect OK, and then to my 0800 ntlworld account. I was pleasantly =
surprised in particular to find the connection to ntl's 0800 number =
working, as when I used to do tech support for them, the standard line =
was that it simply was not possible to log in to ntlworld from anything =
other than an MS Win platform.

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