broadband from a dish, *BSD Support?

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Jan 3 13:19:13 GMT 2002

On Jan  2, Aled Morris <aledm at> wrote:

> Hope I haven't got my sums wrong here :-)

Probably not, but your figures are still wrong. On average, a transatlantic 
satellite feed has a latency of around 200ms round-trip - not one way. It's 
about the same latency as a modem really. Or just over.

Interesting debate though is the way broadband has been sold which brings 
latency into the equation. It has been hyped as a sort of 
'rich-media-enabler' suggesting that latency isn't a problem providing you 
can get a shedload of bits down every second. In actual fact, they would 
have had a more successful campaign if they had addressed latnecy - that 
broadband seems faster to most surfers not because of the millions of bits 
per second but the thousands of bits in thousandths of a second. 

Anyway, I'm babbling now. I'll just go and hide under a rock somewhere. :-)

Paul Robinson

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