broadband from a dish, *BSD Support?

Josef Karthauser joe at
Wed Jan 2 20:19:23 GMT 2002

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On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 08:11:13PM -0000, William Cooper wrote:
> Hello everyone, hope you all didn=92t get too wasted over Christmas/new
> year.
> Well I've been looking at a service from
> they can offer me a 512/128 and higher service through a dish, the first
> two products
> they offer are 'SoHo' which has 512 down, 128 up, =A3159 p/m , one fixed
> IP , but one fault is it
> comes as a USB device as far as I know and they don't have any *BSD
> support, the second is=20
> an 'Enterprise' service, same speeds, 11 fixed IPs, and connects into
> the switch/hub (probably more then
> likely would be able to plug into a machine with two network cards) but
> at =A3269 p/m it=92s a bit of a kick=20
> in the balls.

That's expensive, considering the equiv. DSL offering is at 80
pounds p/m and is 512kb/256kb instead of 512/159.  Where in the
country are you?  Is there no DSL offering you can take up?  There's
a rate adaptive version available now that can go further so it's
worth re-checking if you've not done so for a few months.


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