broadband from a dish, *BSD Support?

William Cooper williamcooper at
Wed Jan 2 20:11:13 GMT 2002

Hello everyone, hope you all didn=92t get too wasted over Christmas/new

Well I've been looking at a service from
they can offer me a 512/128 and higher service through a dish, the first
two products
they offer are 'SoHo' which has 512 down, 128 up, =A3159 p/m , one fixed
IP , but one fault is it
comes as a USB device as far as I know and they don't have any *BSD
support, the second is=20
an 'Enterprise' service, same speeds, 11 fixed IPs, and connects into
the switch/hub (probably more then
likely would be able to plug into a machine with two network cards) but
at =A3269 p/m it=92s a bit of a kick=20
in the balls.

The question being does anyone know if there is any unofficial support
for the USB device under *BSD? The website
doesn=92t give away any model names :/

The only other way I can think of sharing the connection (SoHo service)
would be using a Windows 2000 box with some
software bundled in, which I don=92t want to really do.

any comments/donations welcome! :)


William Cooper
-sick of 56k

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