More fun & games with ppp setup

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Jan 2 18:11:55 GMT 2002

On Jan  2, John Rochester <john at> wrote:

> Neither PAP nor CHAP prompt for login: and password: - they are not
> human-readable protocols, at least according to RFC1334.

Every correctly configured modem rack I've ever seen prompts like that and 
then goes and does it's magic in the background. I think we're getting 
confused as to where the PAP and so forth is beginning. Either way, ppp 
should be able to handle that without problems, and with the regular 'dial' 
or 'auto-dial' configs - or at least it does on our callshare number - 0845 
6621075 - on the modem racks I used to admin (CVX1800).

Anyway, like I say, I can't test his config here right now, but the normal 
default chat script should 'just work' - he can try the above number and see 
what he gets with username 'fbsduktest' and password the same.

Paul Robinson

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