read-only root partition?

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Thu Feb 28 00:18:30 GMT 2002

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On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 05:55:41PM -0500, Clark C . Evans wrote:
>  - vinum (software RAID) cannot protect your boot partition
>    since it is a kernel module and hence can't protect loading
>    the os kernel (chicken and egg problem).

Have multiple copies of the static root filesystem.  If one of them
fails/is corrupted, instruct the loader to boot from a known good one.

>  - I was thinking that it would be very neat to have
>    the OS plus /usr and the server software be on a
>    CD-ROM.   So, to upgrade a server box I just simply=20
>    switch CD-ROMS. =20

There's a Brazilian project that's done exactly this.  Search the
announce, advocacy, or chat mailing list archives for something called
the "LiveCD" project.

>  - if you are using DHCP then dhclient will want to update
>    /etc/resolv.conf

    ls -s /etc/resolv.conf /var/run/resolv.conf

or similar

> Thank you so much for your feedback!  Any other ideas
> would be cool!

When you get this working, document the process, and submit an article
to the documentation project, so that others can benefit from your work

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