read-only root partition?

Jonathan Perkin sketch at
Thu Feb 28 10:54:09 GMT 2002

On Wed Feb 27, 2002 at 11:38:18PM +0000, Paul Civati wrote:

> "Clark C . Evans" <cce at> wrote:
> >  - vinum (software RAID) cannot protect your boot partition since it
> >    is a kernel module and hence can't protect loading the os kernel
> >    (chicken and egg problem).
> Yes, a catch 22 for software RAID, maybe look at some kind of hardware
> RAID.. I think it's possible to do mirroring with cheap IDE RAID cards.

Well, not all software RAID.  RaidFrame (on Net/Open and I believe Scott
Long has ported to Free) enables at least booting off RAID-1 setups, and
other configurations are either in the works or are supported.  I think
Greg has bootable rootfs planned for Vinum, he was just working out the
best way of doing this.

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