read-only root partition?

Paul Civati paul at
Mon Feb 25 17:12:53 GMT 2002

"Clark C . Evans" <cce at> wrote:

> I was wondering if it is possible to have a read-only
> root partition?  If there are any tricks involved?

Presuming that your /var is totally separate, because lots of things will
want to write to files in /var/log and /var/run, yes mostly this will work
okay except for a few things.

 - /etc/motd gets updated at boot time, but you can turn that off in rc.conf
 - if you are using /etc/fbtab then /dev/console won't update, there may
   be other /dev issues
 - if you are using DHCP then dhclient will want to update /etc/resolv.conf

There may be other issues, but these are the main ones I've found.


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