[LUUG Publicity] Eric Raymond lecture: this Wednesday 27th February

Roger Whittaker roger at suse-linux.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 16:20:01 GMT 2002

Date:  Wed 27 Feb 2002
Time:  6.30 (tea), 7pm Talk begins
Place: City University, London EC1
Map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?x=531750&y=182750&zoom=1&isp=187&ism=500&arrow=y?86,128
Tube:  Angel(Northern) and Barbican(Circle/Metropolitan)
Phone: (020) 8992 7008

You must Register for attendance
here. Even if you are already subscribed to Lonix.

Open source can be distributed free of charge, and used/changed for
any purpose - See http://www.opensource.org for the full definition.
Eric Raymond will talk on all aspects of the Open Source Initiative,
including a brief up-to-date history, analysis of how Open Source
differs to other software development paradigms, and a forward view.

Eric S. Raymond is an observer-participant anthropologist in the Internet
`hacker' culture, best known for writing `The Cathedral and the Bazaar'.
His research has helped explain the decentralized open-source model of
software development that has proven so effective in the evolution of the
Internet. He helped found the Open Source Initiative as a more business-
friendly reincarnation of `Free Software', which has led many companies
to choose to release important software open-source and has helped Linux
become the key platform for developers fighting Microsoft's dominance.
He holds a number of directorships, including one with VA Linux Systems,
and has a history of software development project work and leadership.
His home page is at http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr.

TRAVEL to City University's Northampton Square entrance:

(a) From ANGEL tube station (Northern line, City branch) (8 mins):

On leaving Angel station, turn left (down Islington High Street).
At the nearby crossroads turn left again, immediately *after*
crossing a short dual carriageway, so that you are going down the
Goswell Road, initially with one-way traffic approaching you.
About five minutes walk takes you to a smaller light-controlled
crossroads. Go straight on but take the next right, into Ashby
Street.  This takes you immediately into Northampton Square,
with the entrance to City University around to the right.

(b) From BARBICAN tube station (Circle line) (12 minutes):
On leaving the tube station, turn left up the A1, Aldersgate Street.
Five minutes walk takes you to a major crossroads with Old Street.
Carry straight on, now on Goswell road.
Another five minutes takes you to a smaller, light-controlled
crossroads. Carry straight on but then take the next left, into
Sebastian Street.  This takes you immediately to Northampton Square
with the entrance to City University around to the right.

(c) By bus:
The best buses to use are the 4, 56 or SL2 (stopping on Goswell Rd)
or the 153 (stopping on St John St); ask to stop at City University.
Or use the only bus stop on St John St visited by a 19, 38 or 341,
then walk downhill (5 mins). If arriving via St John St, please walk
via Wyclif St to get to the University's Northampton Square entrance.

(d) By car / bike / cycle:
Free car parking spaces can be found in nearby streets after 6.30pm.
There is a motor bike space where Wyclif St joins Northampton Square.
Bicycles can be chained to the railings in Northampton Square.

ON ARRIVAL at City University's Northampton Square entrance:

On climbing the steps to the entrance lobby, make a U-turn to the
right and go up a few more steps to the corridor above the entrance.
Please collect your name badge from a table nearby.
  Then proceed to the left, which takes you to the OTLT (Oliver
Thompson Lecture Theatre) lobby where tea will be served.

Organised by UKUUG, LONIX, City University and ACM British Chapter.
Local organiser: David Dodson, dcd at soi.city.ac.uk, tel UK-20-7040-8445.


Roger Whittaker
SuSE Linux Ltd
The Kinetic Centre
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  020 8387 1482
 roger at suse.co.uk

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