Howto make an Audio CD ?? (and other questions)

Claudio Camacho antitodo at
Sun Feb 24 15:17:13 GMT 2002

   Hi, i'm mkd. I'm a spanish boy who installed his FreeBSD 4.5 one mounth ago. I'm a newbie and I have some questions:

	1.- How can I make an Audio CD? I just extract the Tracks with "dagrab" and the, I use CopyAudio to convert
	the WAV files into RAW files. Then I attempt to make the Audio CD with "burncd -f /dev/acd0c -s 12 audio *.raw
	fixate", but I get always (with every CD, with every songs.. etc): "Next LBA 0, Wrote -1 of N Kbytes." Can 
	anyone help me in this case??

	2.- Can I limit the bandwidth of one user?? Is it the entry sbsize=N:\ at the file /etc/login.conf??

	3.- Does anyone knows any patch (drivers I know that they don't exist...) for the AGP Hardware Accel (Nvidia
	in my case) ??

	Thanks for all and nice to meet you. (Sorry about my english, im spanish)

									/*** mkd ***/

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