Power off on shutdown -h

Robin Melville robmel at innotts.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 09:32:41 GMT 2002

At 1:39 am +0000 24/2/02, Josef Karthauser wrote:
>Attachment converted: Safe Disk:Re- Power off on shutdown -h 1 
>(MiME/CSOm) (00001025)
>*** PGP Signature Status: not verified (signing key missing)
>*** Signer: 0xE6B15016
>*** Signed: N/A at N/A
>*** Verified: 24/2/02 at 9:29 am
>On Sat, Feb 23, 2002 at 10:40:53AM +0000, Robin Melville wrote:
>>  Incidentally Joe, this PGP thing you do drives me nuts. I have to
>>  reconnect to the internet to read your messages. Mostly I don't
>>  bother.
>Why do you have to reconnect to read my messages?  I assume because you
>are running pgp software too and it wants to go online to verify my
>signature.  You should be able to switch that off in your software.
> oe

Sure, but then what's the point of sending mime/pgp rather than just 
bunging the sig at the end of the message for people to use if 
they're not sure it was really you that said whatever. :*)

No probs, I just find the extra step hindering.

Take Care


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