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Brian Somers brian at
Sat Feb 23 20:08:40 GMT 2002

Of course the other option is to get the FSL DVD distribution from  You'll need a DVD drive, but 
there's no disc swapping.

FWIW the site will be updated RSN as we're getting our 4.5 dispatch 
on Monday morning.

> Jon,
> Not really your answer, but if you have bandwidth to download I always find 
> a local mirror of an FTP site is a good solution. Nothing better than 
> installing FreeBSD at full Duplex LAN speeds ... looks nice to the boss too :)
> ta.
> Chris R.
> PS on a more serious note I have to agree that an 'intelligent' CD swapper 
> is perhaps a little overdue, SuSE have a very good one and thats been 
> around for a couple of years or more ... perhaps we should just 
> beg/borrow/steal that one ;)
> At 15:19 23/02/02 +0000, you wrote:
> >Having downloaded and created all of the 4.5 discs I am staggered
> >to learn that in order to install packages with sysinstall you have to
> >know which one has the package you want before starting
> >sysinstall. I don't know what happens if there are dependancies for
> >something on other CDs.
> >
> >Shouldn't sysinstall present a complete list of 4.5 packages, know
> >what's where on disc1/disc3/disc4, prompt for them intelligently
> >while trying to minimise media changes ? It might be nice if this
> >intelligence was built into pkg_add so I could do
> >
> >pkg_add --i-have-all-the-cds something
> >or
> >pkg_add --i-have-just-cd1-fall-back-to-a-uk-ftp-server something
> >
> >Am I missing something ?
> >
> >In the meantime I guess I need to grab the list of each and keep
> >them handy. Or just collect the packages I might want for an install
> >soon on another CD.
> >
> >So maybe using an ftp site is easier after all given the bandwidth.
> >Would it be too much to ask that sysinstall remembers that I like
> >to use maybe-passive ftp to ftp<n> or do I need to write a
> >sysinstall script to achieve that ?
> >
> >I am aware of the PKG_PATH environment variable and that
> >sysinstall has a script thing.
> >
> >         Jon

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